General Relativity Seminar

During the Fall 2018 Semester, a weekly seminar will be held on General Relativity. The seminar will take place at 2:00 pm in CMSA G02. 

The schedule will be updated below.


Date Speaker Title/abstract
9/7/2018 Christos Mantoulidis (MIT) Title: Capacity and quasi-local mass

Abstract. This talk is based on work with P. Miao and L.-F. Tam. We derive new inequalities between the boundary capacity of an asymptotically flat 3-manifold with nonnegative scalar curvature and boundary quantities that relate to quasi-local mass; one relates to Brown-York mass and the other is new. Among other things, our work yields new variational characterizations of Riemannian Schwarzschild manifolds and new comparison results for surfaces in them.

9/12/2018 Aghil Alaee (CMSA) Title:  Mass-angular momentum inequality for black holes

Abstract:  In this talk, I will review the results of mass-angular momentum inequality for four-dimensional axisymmetric black holes. Then I will establish versions of this inequality for five-dimensional black holes and in particular black ring, which is the most intriguing asymptotically flat solution of vacuum Einstein equations. Moreover, I will show these inequalities are sharp if and only if the initial data sets are isometric to the canonical slices of known extreme stationary solutions. These results are joint work with Marcus Khuri and Hari Kunduri.



Pei-Ken Hung (MIT)


Title: The linear stability of the Schwarzschild spacetime in the harmonic gauge: odd part
Abstract: We study the odd solution of the linearlized Einstein equation on the Schwarzschild background and in the harmonic gauge. With the aid of Regge-Wheeler quantities, we are able to estimate the odd part of Lichnerowicz d’Alembertian equation. In particular, we prove the solution decays at rate $\tau^{-1+\delta}$ to a linearlized Kerr solution.


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