Mathematical Physics Seminar, Mondays

The seminar on mathematical physics will be held every Monday from 12 – 1:30pm in CMSA Building, 20 Garden Street, Room G10.

The list of speakers for the upcoming academic year will be posted below and updated as details are confirmed. Titles and abstracts for the talks will be added as they are received.

For a listing of Mathematical Physics Seminars held prior to the 2017-2018 academic year, please click here.


Date Name Title/Abstract
09-04-17  No Talk
09-11-2017  Yu-Shen Lin (Harvad CMSA) Title: From the Decomposition of Picard-Lefschetz Transformation to Tropical Geometry

Abstract: Picard-Lefschetz transformation tells the monodromy of a fibration with “good” singular fibres. In the case of fibres are Lagrangian in a symplectic $4$-manifold, there is a natural decomposition of Picard-Lefschetz transformation into two elementary transformations from Floer theory. The idea will help to develop the tropical geometry for some hyperKahler surfaces.

09-18-17  Yoosik Kim (Boston University)

TitleMonotone Lagrangian tori in cotangent bundles

Abstract: As an attempt to classify Lagrangian submanifolds and due to their importance in Floer theory, monotone Lagrangian tori have been got attention. In this talk, we provide a way producing monotone Lagrangian tori in the cotangent bundles of some manifolds including spheres or unitary groups. The construction is based on the classification of Lagrangian fibers of a certain completely integrable system on a partial flag manifolds of various types. We then discuss when their Floer cohomologies (under a certain deformation by non-unitary flat line bundles) do not vanish. This talk is based on joint work with Yunhyung Cho and Yong-Geun Oh.

09-25-17 TBA
10-02-17  TBA
10-09-2017 TBA
10-16-2017 TBA
10-23-2017 TBA
10-30-2017 TBA
11-06-2017 TBA
11-13-2017 TBA
11-20-2017 TBA
11-27-2017 TBA
12-04-2017  TBA

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