Random Matrix & Probability Theory Seminar, Wednesdays

The random matrix and probability theory will be every Wednesday from 3pm-4pm in CMSA Building, 20 Garden Street, Room G02. The schedule will be updated as details are confirmed.

Date Name Title
09-16-2015 Scott Aaronson, MIT BosonSampling and the Permanents of Gaussian Matrices
09-23-2015 Xin Sun, MIT Almost sure multi fractal spectrum of SLE
09-28-2015 Li-Cheng Tsai, Stanford KPZ equation limit of interacting particle systems
09-30-2015 Kyle Luh, Yale Random Matrices: l1 Concentration and Dictionary Learning with Few Samples
10-07-2015 Martin Zirnbauer, Cologne/Simons Center Bott periodicity and the “Periodic Table” of topological insulators and superconductors
10-14-2015 Benjamin Schweinhart, Harvard CMSA Universality Conjectures for Curvature Flow on Graphs
10-21-2015 Nicholas Cook, UCLA
10-28-2015 Vu-Lan Nguyen, Université Paris Diderot Variants of geometric RSK, geometric PNG and the multipoint distribution of the log-gamma polymer
11-04-2015 Vadim Gorin, MIT Largest eigenvalues in random matrix beta-ensembles: structures of the limit.
11-18-2015 Louis-Pierre Arguin, CUNY The maximum of the characteristic polynomial of random unitary matrices 
11-19-2015 Nicholas Zygouras, Univ. of Warwick From disorder relevance to the 2d Stochastic Heat Equation
11-25-2015 Thanksgiving No seminar
12-02-2015 Eero Saksman (Helsinki) The uniqueness of Gaussian multiplicative chaos revisited
12-04-2015 Guillaume Barraquand, Columbia Random walks in Beta random environment
01-27-2016 Louigi Addario-Berry, McGill Slowdown of the front for branching Brownian motion with decay of mass
02-03-2016 Antti Knowles, ETH Zurich An optimal rotational invariant estimator for general covariance matrices
02-10-2016 No Seminar this week
02-17-2016 Florent Bekerman, MIT Transport Methods and Universality for beta-matrix models
02-24-2016 Aukosh Jagannath, Courant Institute The Parisi variational problem
03-02-2016 No Seminar this week Two next week
03-09-2016 Adam Marcus, Princeton Polynomials and (finite) free probability
03-11-2016 Hao Shen, Columbia The Sine-Gordon stochastic PDE and regularity structures
03-16-2016 Spring Recess
03-23-2016 Zeev Rudnick, Tel-Aviv and IAS Quantum chaos, eigenvalue statistics and the Fibonacci sequence
03-30-2016 Nikolai Makarov, Caltech Random normal matrices with hard edge spectrum
04-06-2016 Timo Seppalainen, Wisconsin Variational formulas and Busemann functions for random paths in a random medium
04-11-2016 (Science Center 530) Milton D. Jara, IMPA Around the strong KPZ universality conjecture
04-20-2016 Mark Rudelson, Michigan Delocalization of eigenvectors of random matrices
04-27-2016 Marek Biskup, UCLA Local limit theory for extreme values of 2D Discrete Gaussian Free Field
05-04-2016 No Talk
05-11-2016 (2:30-3:30pm, Room G10) Laure Saint-Raymond, École Normale Supérieure Fluctuating dynamics for a 2D rarified gas of hard disks
06-01-2016 Jun Yin, University of Wisconsin Generalized Circular Law
06-08-2016 Paul Bourgade, NYU Extremes of random matrices and log-correlated fields

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