Random Matrix & Probability Theory Seminar, Wednesdays

The Random Matrix and Probability Theory Seminar will be every Wednesday from 3pm-4pm in CMSA Building, 20 Garden Street, Room G10.


The schedule will be updated as details are confirmed.

Date Name Title/Abstract
09-27-17 Herbert Spohn, Technische Universität München Hydrodynamics of integrable classical and quantum systems

Abstract:  In the cold atoms community there is great interest in developing Euler-type hydrodynamics for one-dimensional integrable quantum systems, in particular with application to domain wall initial states.  I provide some mathematical physics background and also compare with integrable classical systems.

10-04-17  No Talk
10-11-17  No Talk
10-18-17  No Talk

Subhabrata Sen (Microsoft and MIT)

11-1-17  Wei-Ming Wang (CNRS)  TBD
11-8-17  Elchanan Mossel  TBD

Daniel Sussman (BU)

11-22-17  TBD  TBD
11-29-17  David Gamarink (MIT)  TBD
12-6-17  TBD  TBD
12-14-17  TBD  TBD


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