Visitors 2015-16

Non-linear Equations Program Visiting Scholars & Associates (AY 2015 – 2016)

Name Affiliation Title Research Interests Office Phone
Stefano Bianchini SISSA Associate Analysis, Conservation Laws, Transport Equations G16-B 617-384-8744
Lydia Bieri University of Michigan Visiting Scholar Differential Geometry G07-A 617-384-8680
Albert Chau University of British Columbia Visiting Scholar Geometric Evolution Equations, Complex geometry G05-B 617-384-8678
Binglong Chen Sun Yat-sen University Visiting Scholar Differential Geometry SC B06-2 (617) 495-0703
Qingtao Chen ETHZ (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich) Visiting Scholar Geometry, Topology and Mathematical Physics TBD TBD
Piotr Chrusciel University of Vienna Visiting Scholar Mathematical Relativity G05-D 617-384-8678
Fernando Coda Marques Princeton University Associate Differential Geometry, Geometric Analysis G09-B 617-384-8528
Mihalis Dafermos Princeton University Associate General Relativity TBD 617-384-8699
Camillo De Lellis University of Zurich Visiting Scholar PDEs and Geometric Measure Theory G06 617-496-8903
Michael Eichmair University of Vienna Associate Geometric Analysis and General Relativity G15-A 617-384-8175
Felix Finster Universitat Regensburg Associate Mathematical Relativity, Mathematical Physics G08-C 617-384-8694
Zheng-Cheng Gu Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics Associate Topology and Mathematics SC B06-4 (617) 495-0703
Pengfei Guan McGill University Associate PDEs and Geometric Analysis SC 226a (617) 496-8903
Xiaoli Han Tsinghua University Visiting Scholar Geometry and Analysis G12-B 617-384-8697
Tom Hou California Institute of Technology Associate Applied Mathematics and PDEs SC 226b (617) 496-8903
Feimin Huang Chinese Academy of Sciences Associate PDE, Fluid Dynamics and Kinetic Theory G05-C 617-384-8678
Xiangdi Huang Chinese Academy of Sciences Visiting Scholar Partial Differential Equations SC B06-3 (617) 495-0703
Tom Ilmanen ETH Zurich Associate Differential geometry and PDEs SC 226a (617) 496-8903
Niky Kamran McGill University Associate Mathematical Relativity and Differential Geometry TBD 617-384-8744
Nicolai Krylov University of Minnesota Associate PDEs SC 518 (617) 496-7286
Junbin Li Sun Yat-sen University Visiting Scholar Differential Geometry and General Relativity G12-D 617-384-8697
Yong Lin Renmin University of China Associate Geometry and Analysis on Graphs G12-E 617-384-8697
Andre Neves Imperial College London Associate Geometric Analysis and Differential Geometry G09-A 617-384-8528
Duong H. Phong Columbia University Associate Partial Differential Equations and String Theory G16-C 617-384-8744
Ovidiu Savin Columbia University Associate PDEs SC B06-8 (617) 495-0703
Richard Schoen Stanford University Associate Differential Geometry and PDEs TBD 617-384-8699
Mao Sheng University of Science and Technology of China Associate Algebraic Geometry G16-A 617-384-8744
Valentino Tosatti Northwestern University Associate Geometric Analysis G05-A 617-384-8678
John Toth McGill University Associate Partial Differential Equations, Spectral Theory and Quantum Chaos G16-H 617-384-8744
Chung-Jun Tsai Taiwan National University Associate TBD TBD TBD
Tai-Peng Tsai University of British Columbia Associate Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics G08-B 617-384-8694
Li-Sheng Tseng UC Irvine Visiting Scholar Geometry and Topology, Mathematical Physics G16-G 617-384-8744
Chunpeng Wang Jilin University Visiting Scholar Transonic Flows and Partial Differential Equations of Mixed Type, Quasilinear Diffusion Equations G05-E 617-384-8678
Xu-Jia Wang Australian National University Associate Partial Differential Equations TBD 617-384-8694
Ben Weinkove Northwestern University Associate PDE and Complex Geometry G08-A 617-384-8694
Sijue Wu University of Michigan Associate Partial Differential Equations TBD TBD
Chunjing Xie Shanghai Jiao Tong University Visiting Scholar Partial Differential Equations SC B06-3 (617) 495-0703
Zhou Ping Xin The Chinese University of Hong Kong Associate PDEs SC 226c (617) 496-8903
Hongwei Xu Zhejiang University Visiting Scholar Differential Geometry SC B06-5 (617) 495-0703
Peng Ye University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Associate Topological Quantum Field Theory in Condensed Matter Physics; Symmetry-protected Topological Phases of Matter
Pin Yu Tsinghua University Visiting Scholar Partial Differential Equations SC 226d (617) 496-8903
Yi Zhang Fudan University Visiting Scholar Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry G12-A 617-384-8697

Visiting Scholars, Research Associates, Fellows & Members (AY 2015 – 2016)

Name Affiliation Title Research Interests Office Phone
Alireza Behtash North Carolina State University Fellow Mathematical Physics SC B06-1 (617) 495-0703
Alessandro Carlotto ETH-Institute for Theoretical Studies Visiting Scholar Differential Geometry, Mathematical General Relativity G14-B 617-384-8699
Xuqian Fan Jinan University, China Visiting Scholar Geometric Analysis SC B06-6 (617) 495-0703
Lei Fu Nankai University, China Associate Algebraic Geometry SC B06-4 (617) 495-0703
Sergey Grigorian University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Associate Differential Geometry TBD TBD
Xianfeng David Gu Stony Brook University Member Computational Conformal Geometry, Applied Mathematics TBD TBD
Hyungchul Kim POSTECH, Korea Member Supersymmetric Gauge Theory and String Theory TBD TBD
Atti Knowles ETH Zürich Associate Mathematical Physics and Probability TBD 617-384-8694
Naichung Conan Leung The Chinese University of Hong Kong Associate Mirror Symmetry Consideration from Geocentric side to understand Homological Mirror Symmetry
Hossein Movasati Instituto de Matematica Pura e Aplicada, Brazil Associate Algebraic Geometry, Holomorphic foliations G14-A 617-384-8699
Hirosi Ooguri California Institute of Technology TBD Quantum Field
Theory and String Theory
Mithat Ünsal North Carolina State University Cheng Visiting Fellow Quantum Field Theory SC B06-1 (617) 495-0703
Fuzhou Wu Tshinghua University Fellow Nonlinear PDEs 115C 617-496-7485
Mei-Heng Yueh National Chiao Tung University Fellow Matrix Computation SC B06-5 (617) 495-0703


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