3/10/2022 – Quantum Matter in Mathematics and Physics

Speaker: Haoyu Guo (KITP & Harvard)

Title: Resonant side-jump thermal Hall effect of phonons coupled to dynamical defects

Abstract: We present computations of the thermal Hall coefficient of phonons scattering off defects with multiple energy levels. Using a microscopic formulation based on the Kubo formula, we find that the leading contribution perturbative in the phonon-defect coupling is of the `side-jump’ type, which is proportional to the phonon lifetime. This contribution is at resonance when the phonon energy equals a defect level spacing. Our results are obtained for different defect models, and include models of an impurity quantum spin in the presence of quasi-static magnetic order with an isotropic Zeeman coupling to the applied field.

This work is based on arxiv: 2201.11681

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