4/26/2022 Combinatorics, Physics and Probability Seminar

Speaker: Bernd Sturmfels (MPI Leipzig and UC Berkeley)

Title: Algebraic Statistics with a View towards Physics

Venue: virtual and 20 Garden Street, Room G10

Abstract: We discuss the algebraic geometry of maximum likelihood estimation from the perspective of scattering amplitudes in particle physics. A guiding examples the moduli space of n-pointed rational curves. The scattering potential plays the role of the log-likelihood function, and its critical points are solutions to rational function equations. Their number is an Euler characteristic. Soft limit degenerations are combined with certified numerical methods for concrete computations.

**This talk will be hybrid. Talk will be held at CMSA (20 Garden St) Room G10.

All non-Harvard affiliated visitors to the CMSA building will need to complete this covid form prior to arrival.


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