GRAMSIA: Graphical Models, Statistical Inference, and Algorithms

Please note: this workshop has been postponed. It will now take place in May 2022.

On May 16 – May 20, 2022 the CMSA will be hosting a five day workshop on GRAMSIA: Graphical Models, Statistical Inference, and Algorithms. The workshop will be held in room G10 of the CMSA, located at 20 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA. This workshop is organized by David Gamarnik, Kavita Ramanan, and Prasad Tetali.

For a list of lodging options convenient to the Center, please visit our recommended lodgings page.

Please register here. 

Potential Speakers: 

  • Jake Abernathy, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Bhaswar Bhattacharya, University of Pennsylvania
  • Guy Bresler, MIT
  • Yash Deshphande, MIT
  • Anna Ben Hamou, Paris
  • Florent Krzakala, Sorbonne
  • Ankur Moitra, MIT 
  • Andrea Montanari, Stanford
  • Cris Moore, SFI
  • Elchanan Mossel, MIT 
  • Yuriy Polyanskiy, MIT
  • Patrick Rebeschini, Oxford University
  • Philippe Rigollet, MIT
  • Justin Salez, Paris
  • Subhabrata Sen, Harvard
  • Devavrat Shah, MIT
  • Nike Sun, MIT
  • Pragya Sur, Harvard
  • Caroline Uhler, MIT 
  • Alex Wein, New York University
  • Yihong Wu, Yale University
  • Horng-Tzer Yau, Harvard
  • Christina Lee Yu, Cornell
  • Ilias Zadik, New York University
  • Lenka Zdeborova, Institute of Theoretical Physics

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