Mathematical Physics Seminar, Mondays

The seminar on mathematical physics will be held every Monday from 12 – 2pm in CMSA Building, 20 Garden Street, Room G02. The tentative schedule for speakers can be found below. Titles for the talks will be added as they are received.

Date Name Title
8-31-2015 Babak Haghighat Modularity of Yukawa-couplings for elliptic Calabi-Yau manifolds
09-14-2015 Wenbin Yan (0,4) dualities
09-21-2015 Atsushi Kanazawa Tiling, SYZ and modular forms
09-28-2015 Shamil Shakirov Refining Chern-Simons theory in genus two
10-05-2015 Erik Carlsson Agt and the segal sugawara construction
10-12-2015 Columbus Day No talk
10-19-2015 Yifan Wang Argyres-Douglas theories, Hitchin systems and Compound Du Val singularities 
10-26-2015 Liang Kong Boundary-bulk relation for topological orders in any dimensions
11-02-2015 Ryan Mickler A new look at Chern-Simons on circle bundles
11-09-2015 Alireza Behtash Lefschetz Thimbles and Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanics
11-16-2015 Mu-Tao Wang Stability of Lagrangian curvature flows
11-23-2015 Nima Lashkari Holographic relative entropy is a Noether charge 
11-30-2015 Roger Casals Legendrian Presentation of Weinstein Domains
12-07-2015 Piotr Surowka Anomalies, Information Geometry and (Turbulent) Hydrodynamics—inspiration for mathematicians
02-01-2016 Yukinobu Toda, MIT
Wall-crossing formulas of higher rank Donaldson-Thomas invariants
02-08-2016 Hossein Movasati, IMPA Calabi-Yau modular forms: Are they as useful as elliptic modular forms?
02-15-2016 Artan Sheshmani, MIT Counting curves on surfaces in Calami-Yau threefold and proof of S-duality modularity conjecture
02-22-2016 Burkhart Schwab, Harvard CMSA BMS, Soft Theorems and String Theory
02-29-2016 Can Kozcaz, Harvard CMSA
Elliptic Virasoro conformal blocks
03-07-2016 Michele Del Zotto, Harvard Physics Little String Theories in F-theory
03-14-2016 Roland Bauerschmidt, Harvard Local eigenvalue statistics for random regular graphs
03-21-2016 Jose Juan Fernandez Melgarejo, Harvard Gauged SUGRAs and duality symmetric theories
03-28-2016 Dan Xie, Harvard CMSA  New N=2 dualities
04-04-2016 Bei Jia, University of Texas at Austin Topological String Theory Revisited
04-11-2016 Orlando Alvarez, University of Miami Effective Actions, Lovelock Lagrangians and Lipschitz-Killing Curvatures
04-18-2016 Carlos Shahbazi, Institute for Theoretical Physics, Saclay, France Geometric U-folds and the twisted Strominger system
04-25-2016 Georg Oberdieck, MIT Counting curves in K3xP1 and quasi Jacobi forms
05-02-2016 Rak-Kyeong Seong, Korea Institute for Advanced Study Branes and 2d (0,2) Quiver Gauge Theories
05-09-2016 No Talk
05-13-2016 Tomoyuki Arakawa (RIMS, Kyoto University) Vertex algebras and symplectic varieties

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