Members’ Seminar

Beginning immediately, until at least December 31, all seminars will take place virtually, through Zoom. Links to connect can be found in the schedule below once they are created. 

The CMSA Members’ Seminar will occur every Friday at 9:30am ET on Zoom. Please email the seminar organizers to obtain a link. The Schedule will be updated below.

Previous seminars can be found here.

Fall 2020:

9/11/2020Moran KorenTitle:  Observational Learning and Inefficiencies in Waitlists  

Abstract: Many scarce resources are allocated through waitlists without monetary transfers. We consider a model, in which objects with heterogeneous qualities are offered to strategic agents through a waitlist in a first-come-first-serve manner. Agents, upon receiving an offer, accept or reject it based on both a private signal about the quality of the object and the decisions of agents ahead of them on the list. This model combines observational learning and dynamic incentives, two features that have been studied separately. We characterize the equilibrium and quantify the inefficiency that arises due to herding and selectivity. We find that objects with intermediate expected quality are discarded while objects with a lower expected quality may be accepted. These findings help in understanding the reasons for the substantial discard rate of transplant organs of various qualities despite the large shortage of organ supply.
9/18/2020Michael DouglasTitle: A talk in two parts, on strings and on computers and math

Abstract: I am dividing my time between two broad topics. The first is string theory, mostly topics in geometry and compactification. I will describe my current work on numerical Ricci flat metrics, and list many open research questions. The second is computation and artificial intelligence. I will introduce transformer models (Bert,GPT) which have led to breakthroughs on natural language processing, describe their potential for helping us do math, and sketch some related theoretical problems.
9/25/2020Cancelled – Math Science Lecture
10/2/2020Cancelled – Math Science Lecture
10/9/2020Wai Tong (Louis) Fan
10/23/2020Changji Xu
10/30/2020Michael Simkin
11/6/2020Kenji Kawaguchi
11/13/2020Omri Ben-Eliezer
11/20/2020Charles Doran
12/4/2020Daniel Junghans

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