Noncommutative Real Algebraic Geometry and Analysis

There has been great progress over a decade and a half in understanding equations and inequalities for functions having matrix variables. Three experts in these areas– Bill Helton, Igor Klep, and Jurij Volcic–will be at  CMSA for the Fall 2019.  They will extend basic theory and seek ideas in related areas of science and mathematics from the rich Cambridge environment and see how the last decade’s worth of new developments in free analysis might apply to them.  In addition to regular seminars and meetings with scholars in residence, the program will also feature a workshop on the subject of noncommutative convexity and applications, organized by Boaz Barak (Harvard SEAS), William Helton (UCSD), and Pablo Parrilo (MIT).


  • William Helton (UCSD)
  • Igor Klep (University of Ljubljana)
  • Ruth Williams (UCSD)