Visiting Scholars, Associates, Fellows (AY 2021 – 2022)

Name AffiliationResearch InterestsEmail
Aghil AlaeeClark UniversityDifferential geometry and geometric inequalities, general relativity(GR) and black holes, partial differential equations; Geometric analysis and mathematical
Jorn Boehnke University of California, Davis Applied
Sang “Peter” ChinBoston UniversityDifferential Geometry, General Relativity, String Theory, Game Theory, Compressive Sensing, Quantum Computing; Theoretical Machine Learning, Extremal Graph Theory, Compressive Sampling
Charles DoranUniversity of AlbertaGeometry, Topology, and Number Theory; Calabi-Yau Geometry, Arithmetic, and
Michael DouglasStony Brook UniversityNew technologies in mathematics; Computers and math; string
Louis (Wai-Tong) FanIndiana University-BloomingtonProbability, mathematical biology and
An HuangBrandeis UniversityD-modules, period integrals, mirror symmetry, Hodge theory, arithmetic geometry, and their
Dan LeeQueens College and the CUNY Graduate CenterGeneral
Bong LianBrandeis UniversityMath physics, algebra,
Chien-Hao LiuHarvard
Valentino TosattiNorthwestern UniversityDifferential geometry, geometric analysis, complex algebraic geometry, and partial differential
Minghao WangTsinghua University
Ming ZengHupan UnviersityEconomics, applied mathematics, digital

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