Visiting Scholars, Associates, Fellows (AY 2021 – 2022)

Name AffiliationResearch InterestsEmail
Aghil AlaeeClark UniversityDifferential geometry and geometric inequalities, general relativity(GR) and black holes, partial differential equations; Geometric analysis and mathematical
Jorn Boehnke University of California, Davis Applied
Sang “Peter” ChinBoston UniversityDifferential Geometry, General Relativity, String Theory, Game Theory, Compressive Sensing, Quantum Computing; Theoretical Machine Learning, Extremal Graph Theory, Compressive Sampling
Charles DoranUniversity of AlbertaGeometry, Topology, and Number Theory; Calabi-Yau Geometry, Arithmetic, and
Michael DouglasStony Brook UniversityNew technologies in mathematics; Computers and math; string
Louis (Wai-Tong) FanIndiana University-BloomingtonProbability, mathematical biology and
An HuangBrandeis UniversityD-modules, period integrals, mirror symmetry, Hodge theory, arithmetic geometry, and their
Bong LianBrandeis UniversityMath physics, algebra,
Chien-Hao LiuHarvard
Valentino TosattiNorthwestern UniversityDifferential geometry, geometric analysis, complex algebraic geometry, and partial differential
Yakov VarshavskyEinstein Institute of Mathematics, The Hebrew University of JerusalemAlgebraic and arithmetic geometry, Algebraic groups, Geometric aspects of Langlands’s
Ming ZengHupan UnviersityEconomics, applied mathematics, digital

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