Maximal quantum chaos of the critical Fermi surface

01/28/2022 2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Speaker: Maria Tikhanovskaya (Harvard)

Title: Maximal quantum chaos of the critical Fermi surface

Abstract: In this talk, I will describe many-body quantum chaos in a recently proposed large-N theory for critical Fermi surfaces in two spatial dimensions, by computing out-of-time-order correlation functions. I will use the ladder identity proposed by Gu and Kitaev, and show that the chaos Lyapunov exponent in this system takes on the maximum possible value of 2πkBT/ℏ, where T is the absolute temperature. In addition, by varying the dynamic critical exponent, I will show that the maximal chaos persists only in the regime where quasiparticles are absent. When quasiparticles are present, the Lyapunov exponent scales with the temperature as ~ T^a, where a < 1, which is parametrically smaller than the maximal rate.