Name Affiliation Mentor Research Interests Office
Clark University Shing-Tung Yau Differential geometry and geometric inequalities, general relativity(GR) and black holes, partial differential equations; Geometric analysis and mathematical relativity G12
University of California, Davis Scott Kominers Computational Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Big Data G12
University of Alberta Geometry, topology, and number theory; Calabi-Yau geometry, arithmetic, and physics. G07
Harvard CMSA New technologies in mathematics; Computers and math; string theory 206
Boston University Mathematical economics G07
Brandeis University Math physics, algebra, geometry G12
Brandeis University Homological Mirror Symmetry G12
National Research University Higher School of Economics Representation Theory, Algebraic Geometry, and Combinatorics SC338
Valentino Tosatti
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Differential geometry, geometric analysis, complex algebraic geometry, and partial differential equations. G12
Tel Aviv University Arithmetic and Theoretical Mathematics 203
National University of Singapore Statistical and mathematical sciences; interface between statistics and geometry 202

Jörn Boehnke

University of California, Davis

Minghao Wang

Dan Lee


Hadleigh Frost

Oxford University

Mauricio Romo

Tsinghua University

Zhigang Yao

National University of Singapore

David Zuckerman

University of Texas at Austin

Barak Weiss

Tel Aviv University

Leonid Rybnikov

National Research University Higher School of Economics

Rebecca Rohrlich

Brandeis University

Steven Kou

Boston University

Tsung-Ju Lee

National Taiwan University

Min Zhang

Aghil Alaee

Clark University

Michael Zarian