Name Affiliation Mentor Research Interests Office
Clark University Shing-Tung Yau Differential geometry and geometric inequalities, general relativity(GR) and black holes, partial differential equations; Geometric analysis and mathematical relativity G12
Harvard University Algebraic geometry 207
University of California, Davis Scott Kominers Computational Economics, Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconomics, Big Data G12
University of Alberta Geometry, topology, and number theory; Calabi-Yau geometry, arithmetic, and physics. G07
Michael R. Douglas
Harvard CMSA New technologies in mathematics; Computers and math; string theory 206
Harvard CMSA Geometric topology, mathematical physics, differential geometry 204
MIT Symplectic resolutions of singularities, integrable systems, 3D-mirror symmetry, and Coulomb branches 109
University of Tokyo Topology, geometry, and mathematical physics G08
University of Massachusetts Lowell Combinatorics, probability, and dynamical systems 207
Constantin Teleman
University of California, Berkeley Loop groups, algebraic geometry, topology, and relations to physics 204
Valentino Tosatti
Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences Differential geometry, geometric analysis, complex algebraic geometry, and partial differential equations. G12
Mayuko Yamashita
Kyoto University Topology, geometry, and mathematical physics 203
National University of Singapore Statistical and mathematical sciences; interface between statistics and geometry 202
UCLA Random matrix theory 202

Vasily Krylov


Michael Freedman

Harvard CMSA

Constantin Teleman

University of California, Berkeley

Jun Yin


Mayuko Yamashita

Kyoto University

James Propp

University of Massachusetts Lowell

Masaki Natori

University of Tokyo

Dori Bejleri

Harvard University

Jörn Boehnke

University of California, Davis

Minghao Wang

Dan Lee


Hadleigh Frost

Oxford University

Mauricio Romo

Tsinghua University

Zhigang Yao

National University of Singapore

David Zuckerman

University of Texas at Austin

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