Instability of naked singularities in general relativity

10/01/2021 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Member Seminar

Speaker: Jue Liu

Title: Instability of naked singularities in general relativity

Abstract: One of the fundamental problems in mathematical relativity is the weak cosmic censorship conjecture, proposed by Penrose, which roughly states that for generic physical spacetime, the singularities (if existed) must be hidden behind the black holes. Unfortunately, the singularities visible to faraway observers, which are called by naked singularities, indeed exist. The first example constructed by Christodoulou in 1994 is a family of self-similar spherically symmetric spacetime, in which the naked singularity forms due to a self-gravitating scalar field. Therefore the suitable censorship conjecture should be reduced to prove the instability of the naked singularities. In 1999 Christodoulou succeeded to prove the weak cosmic censorship conjecture in spherically symmetric cases, and recently the co-author and I found that the corresponding results have a big probability to be extended to spacetime without symmetries. In this talk I will discuss how to prove the instability of naked singularities using the energy method, and it is this wild method that helps us to extend some results to the asymmetric cases.