Spin-cobordisms, surgeries and fermionic modular bootstrap

02/17/2022 9:30 am - 11:00 am

Speaker: Andrea Grigoletto (SISSA & INFN)

Title: Spin-cobordisms, surgeries and fermionic modular bootstrap

Abstract: ‘tHooft anomalies of anomalous systems can be described via anomaly inflow by invertible theories living in one dimension higher. Thanks to this it is possible to provide a general method to determine modular transformations of anomalous 2d fermionic CFTs with general discrete symmetry group $G^f$. As a by-product, one is able to determine explicit combinatorial expressions of spin-cobordism invariants in terms of Dehn-surgery representation of 3-manifolds. The same techniques also provide a method for evaluating the map from the group classifying free fermionic anomalies to the group of anomalies in interacting theories. As examples, we work out the details for some symmetry groups, including non-abelian ones, and, as an application, we use these results to bootstrap the spectrum of the theories with a given anomaly.