Naturalness and muon anomalous magnetic moment

09/01/2021 6:31 pm - 7:31 pm

Title: Naturalness and muon anomalous magnetic moment

Abstract: We study a model for explaining the apparent deviation of the muon anomalous magnetic moment, (g-2), from the Standard Model expectation. There are no new scalars and hence no new hierarchy puzzles beyond those associated with the Standard model Higgs; the only new particles that are relevant for (g-2) are vector-like singlet and doublet leptons. Interestingly, this simple model provides a calculable example violating the Wilsonian notion of naturalness: despite the absence of any symmetries prohibiting its generation, the coefficient of the naively leading dimension-six operator for (g−2) vanishes at one-loop. While effective field theorists interpret this either as a surprising UV cancellation of power divergences, or as a delicate cancellation between matching UV and calculable IR corrections to (g−2) from parametrically separated scales, there is a simple explanation in the full theory: the loop integrand is a total derivative of a function vanishing in both the deep UV and IR. The leading contribution to (g−2) arises from dimension-eight operators, and thus the required masses of new fermions are lower than naively expected, with a sizable portion of parameter space already covered by direct searches at the LHC. All of the the viable parameter can be probed by the LHC and planned future colliders.