9/10/2021 General Relativity Seminar

09/10/2021 9:30 am - 10:30 am

Title: Asymptotic localization, massive fields, and gravitational singularities

Abstract: I will review three recent developments on Einstein’s field equations under low decay or low regularity conditions. First, the Seed-to-Solution Method for Einstein’s constraint equations, introduced in collaboration with T.-C. Nguyen generates asymptotically Euclidean manifolds with the weakest or strongest possible decay (infinite ADM mass, Schwarzschild decay, etc.). The ‘asymptotic localization problem’ is also proposed an alternative to the ‘optimal localization problem’ by Carlotto and Schoen. We solve this new problem at the harmonic level of decay. Second, the Euclidian-Hyperboloidal Foliation Method, introduced in collaboration with Yue Ma, applies to nonlinear wave systems which need not be asymptotically invariant under Minkowski’s scaling field and to solutions with low decay in space. We established the global nonlinear stability of self-gravitating massive matter field in the regime near Minkowski spacetime. Third, in collaboration with Bruno Le Floch and Gabriele Veneziano, I studied spacetimes in the vicinity of singularity hypersurfaces and constructed bouncing cosmological spacetimes of big bang-big crunch type. The notion of singularity scattering map provides a flexible tool for formulating junction conditions and, by analyzing Einstein’s constraint equations, we established a surprising classification of all gravitational bouncing laws. Blog: philippelefloch.org