Topological Wick Rotation and Holographic duality

10/17/2022 9:00 am - 10:30 am

Quantum Matter Seminar

Speaker: Liang Kong (Sustech)

Title: Topological Wick Rotation and Holographic duality

Abstract: I will explain a new type of holographic dualities between
n+1D topological orders with a chosen boundary condition and nD
(potentially gapless) quantum liquids. It is based on the idea of
topological Wick rotation, a notion which was first used in
arXiv:1705.01087 and was named, emphasized and generalized later in
arXiv:1905.04924. Examples of these holographic dualities include the
duality between 2+1D toric code model and 1+1D Ising chain and its
finite-group generalizations (independently discovered by many
others); those between 2+1D topological orders and 1+1D rational
conformal field theories; and those between n+1D finite gauge theories
with a gapped boundary and nD gapped quantum liquids. I will also
briefly discuss some generalizations of this holographic duality and
its relation to AdS/CFT duality.