A Plane Defect in the 3d O(N) Model

03/31/2023 10:00 am - 11:30 am
Address: Virtual and in 20 Garden Street, Room G10

Quantum Matter Seminar

Speaker: Abijith Krishnan (MIT)

Title: A Plane Defect in the 3d O(N) Model

Abstract: It was recently found that the classical 3d O(N) model in the semi-infinite geometry can exhibit an “extraordinary-log” boundary universality class, where the spin-spin correlation function on the boundary falls off as (log x)^(-q). This universality class exists for a range 2≤N<Nc and Monte-Carlo simulations and conformal bootstrap indicate Nc>3. In this talk, I’ll extend this result to the 3d O(N) model in an infinite geometry with a plane defect. I’ll explain using the renormalization group (RG) that the extraordinary-log universality class is present for any finite N≥2, and that a line of defect fixed points is present at N=∞. This line of defect fixed points is lifted to the ordinary, special (no defect) and extraordinary-log universality classes by 1/N corrections. I’ll show that the line of defect fixed points and the 1/N corrections agree with an a-theorem by Jensen and O’Bannon for 3d CFTs with a boundary. Finally, I’ll conclude by noting some physical systems where the extraordinary-log universality class can be observed.