Transport in large-N critical Fermi surface

08/16/2022 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Speaker: Haoyu Guo (Harvard)

Title: Transport in large-N critical Fermi surface

 A Fermi surface coupled to a scalar field can be described in a 1/N expansion by choosing the fermion-scalar Yukawa coupling to be random in the N-dimensional flavor space, but invariant under translations. We compute the conductivity of such a theory in two spatial dimensions for a critical scalar. We find a Drude contribution, and show that a previously proposed \omega^{-2/3} contribution to the optical conductivity at frequency \omega has vanishing co-efficient. We also describe the influence of impurity scattering of the fermions, and find that while the self energy resembles a marginal Fermi liquid, the resistivity behaves like a Fermi liquid. Arxiv references: 2203.04990, 2207.08841