Workshop on Discrete and Topological Models for Effective Field Theories, January 9-13, 2017

01/09/2017 3:35 pm - 01/13/2017 3:36 pm

The Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications will be hosting a Workshop on “Discrete and Topological Models for Effective Field Theories,” January 9-13, 2017.  The workshop will be hosted in G02 of the CMSA Building located at 20 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA 02138.

Titles, abstracts and schedule will be provided nearer to the event.


Dan Freed, UT Austin

Anton Kapustin, California Institute of Technology

Alexei Y. Kitaev, California Institute of Technology

Greg Moore, Rutgers University

Constantin Teleman, University of Oxford


Mike Hopkins, Shing-Tung Yau

* This event is sponsored by CMSA Harvard University.