Following openings are available at the Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications. Click the title to apply.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Mathematical Finance

The Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications at Harvard University welcomes applications for a two-year Postdoctoral position at the intersection of mathematics and economics, with a particular preference for finance. The area of research interests is understood broadly (for example, they may include but are not limited to asset pricing and corporate finance, macro-finance and monetary economics, operations research and financial engineering , economic theory and  game theory, industrial organization and market design, econometrics and machine learning). That said, there is some preference for candidates working with modern empirical methods in addition to theory.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Artificial Intelligence

The Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (CMSA), Harvard University is seeking applications for a number of Postdoctoral Fellow openings in areas related to machine learning and deep learning and their applications.

AI Program in Harvard CMSA The AI Program in the Center of Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Harvard University is a newly-formed research program, supported with funding from the federal government as well as industry. The program’s mission is to be a world-leading center for machine learning research and applications. We aim to establish the theoretic foundations of AI, understand the principles of machine learning, and push research into new domains and scientific discoveries.