New and Published Work by Juven Wang

New preprint:

Title: Non-Liquid Cellular States

Abstract: The existence of quantum non-liquid states and fracton orders, both gapped and gapless states, challenges our understanding of phases of entangled matter. We generalize Wen’s cellular topological states to liquid or non-liquid cellular states. We propose a mechanism to construct more general non-abelian states by gluing gauge-symmetry-breaking vs gauge-symmetry-extension interfaces as extended defects in a cellular network, including defects of higher-symmetries. Our approach also includes the anyonic particle/string condensation and composite string (p-string)/membrane condensations. This also shows gluing the familiar extended topological quantum field theory or conformal field theory data via topology, geometry, and renormalization consistency criteria (via certain modified group cohomology or cobordism theory data) in a tensor network can still guide us to analyze the non-liquid states. (Part of the abelian construction can be understood from the K-matrix Chern-Simons theory approach and coupled-layer-by-junction constructions.) This may also lead us toward a unifying framework for quantum systems of both higher-symmetries and sub-system/sub-dimensional symmetries.


Title:  Strong planar subsystem symmetry-protected topological phases and their dual fracton orders

Title: Gauge enhanced quantum criticality and time reversal deconfined domain wall: SU(2) Yang-Mills dynamics with topological terms

Published on Annals of Physics:
Title: New higher anomalies, SU(N) Yang-Mills gauge theory and sigma model

Published on Communications in Mathematical Physics (2020):
Title: Fermionic Finite-Group Gauge Theories and Interacting Symmetric/Crystalline Orders via Cobordisms

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