Swampland Program

During the 2021–2022 academic year, the CMSA will host a program on the so-called “Swampland.”

The Swampland program aims to determine which low-energy effective field theories are consistent with nonperturbative quantum gravity considerations. Not everything is possible in String Theory, and finding out what is and what is not strongly constrains the low energy physics. These constraints are naturally interesting for particle physics and cosmology,  which has led to a great deal of activity in the field in the last years.

The Swampland is intrinsically interdisciplinary, with ramifications in string compactifications, holography, black hole physics, cosmology, particle physics, and even mathematics.

This program will include an extensive group of visitors and a slate of seminars. Additionally, the CMSA will host a school oriented toward graduate students.

More information will be posted here.


Swampland Seminar Series & Group Meetings

Program Visitors

  • Pieter Bomans, Princeton, 10/30/21 – 11/02/21
  • Irene Valenzuela, Instituto de Física Teórica, 02/14/22 – 02/21/22
  • Mariana Grana, CEA/Saclay, 03/21/22 – 03/25/22
  • Hector Parra De Freitas, IPHT Saclay, 03/21/22 – 04/01/22
  • Timo Weigand, 03/21/22 – 03/28/22
  • Gary Shiu, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 04/03/22 – 04/10/22
  • Thomas van Riet, Leuven University, 04/03/22 – 04/09/22
  • Lars Aalsma, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 04/11/22 – 04/15/22
  • Sergio Cecotti, 05/08/22 – 05/21/22
  • Tom Rudelius, 05/09/22 – 05/13/22

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