1/18/2022 Quantum Matter in Mathematics and Physics

2022-01-18 14:30 - 16:00

Title: Metals with strongly correlated electrons: quantum criticality, disordered interactions, Planckian dissipation, and scale invariance

Abstract: Metals that do not fit Landau’s famous Fermi liquid paradigm of quasiparticles are plentiful in experiments, but constructing their theoretical description is a major challenge in modern quantum many-body physics. I will describe new models that can systematically describe such non-Fermi liquid metals at quantum critical points, and that allow for the accurate computation of a whole host of experimentally measurable static and dynamic quantities despite the presence of both strong correlations and disorder. I will further demonstrate that disorder coupling to interaction operators can lead to the experimentally observed linear-in-temperature (T-linear) resistivity seen at metallic quantum critical points, and can also generate the observed universal “Planckian” transport scattering rate of kBT/ℏ. Finally, I will show that “perfect” T-linear resistivity is associated with an energy invariant quantity defined in the many-body microcanonical ensemble, which motivates the existence of a deep connection between the T-linear resistivity seen at high temperatures and low temperatures with the same slope in many quantum critical materials.