9/10/2021 Quantum Matter in Mathematics and Physics

2021-09-10 18:44 - 19:44

Title: More Exact Results in Gauge Theories: Confinement and Chiral Symmetry Breaking

Abstract: In this follow-up to Hitoshi Murayama’s talk “Some Exact Results in QCD-like and Chiral Gauge Theories”, I present a detailed analysis of the phases of $SO(N_c)$ gauge theory.
Starting with supersymmetric $SO(N_c)$ with $N_F$ flavors, we extrapolate to the non-supersymmetric limit using anomaly-mediated supersymmetry breaking (AMSB). Interestingly, the abelian Coulomb and free magnetic phases do not survive supersymmetry breaking and collapse to a confining phase. This provided one of the first demonstrations of true confinement with chiral symmetry breaking in a non-SUSY theory.