Workshop on Morphometrics, Morphogenesis and Mathematics

CMSA 20 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA, United States

In Fall 2018, the CMSA will host a Program on Mathematical Biology, which aims to describe recent mathematical advances in using geometry and statistics in a biological context, while also considering a range of physical theories that can predict biological shape at scales ranging from macromolecular assemblies to whole organ systems. The plethora of natural shapes that surround […]

Morphogenesis: Geometry and Physics

CMSA 20 Garden Street, Cambridge, MA, United States

Just over a century ago, the biologist, mathematician and philologist D’Arcy Thompson wrote “On growth and form”. The book – a literary masterpiece – is a visionary synthesis of the geometric biology of form. It also served as a call for mathematical and physical approaches to understanding the evolution and development of shape. In the […]

Special Lecture Series on Derived Algebraic/Differential Geometry

In the Spring 2019 Semester, the CMSA will be hosting a special lecture series on Derived algebraic/differential geometry run by Artan Sheshmani, with lectures given by Prof. Sheshmani and Dr. Dennis Borisov. The seminar will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4:30pm in CMSA, room G10. Click here for reference material Click here for […]