Fracton Self-Statistics

04/28/2023 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Quantum Matter Seminar

Title: Fracton Self-Statistics

Speaker: Hao Song (ITP-CAS)

Abstract: Fracton order describes novel quantum phases of matter that host quasiparticles with restricted mobility, and thus lies beyond the existing paradigm of topological order. In particular, excitations that cannot move without creating other excitations are called fractons. Here we address a fundamental open question — can the notion of self-exchange statistics be naturally defined for fractons, given their complete immobility as isolated excitations? Surprisingly, we demonstrate how fractons can be exchanged, and show their self-statistics is a key part of the characterization of fracton orders. We derive general constraints satisfied by the fracton self-statistics in a large class of abelian fracton orders. Finally, we show the existence of semionic or fermionic fracton self-statistics in some twisted variants of the checkerboard model and Haah’s code, establishing that these models are in distinct quantum phases as compared to their untwisted cousins.

References: H Song, N Tantivasadakarn, W Shirley, M Hermele, arXiv:2304.00028.